Dec. 3rd, 2009 I'm feeling a little lonely right now, as the last two posts in a row have been mine (though there were copious amounts of comments on ZiggyxK, but none the less). So, I have decided create a challege for everyone that came to mind after watching Tin Man and again after reading a Ben 10 article.

You see, I got to thinking about possible crossovers, and maybe justifying it with a paternity excuse. After all, nothing screams plausibility for sticking a strange character in another fandom than, "Daddy's HOME!"....or maybe I'm just insane. After all, to me, I could see

Zooey Dechanel + Andrew Frances = Milo Cawthorne

I don't know how...but it seemed so plausable while watching Tin Man and reading Power Rangers fanfiction at the same time....

So that's my challenge to you: a crossover in which one of the ranger's (or rangers' or Dr K's) parents come into the story. It can be unusual or plausable, and everything else (rating, pairings, et al), are up to you! I don't really care what you write, draw, or create in movie maker, I would just like to see some activity! Please!

Now, i know what you're thinking: aren't all of these stories probably going to be about Dillon, or Dr. K? Well no, Ziggy's, Gem's and Gemma's parents have yet to be established, and neither has Scott's or Flynn's mother. And Summer can always be adopted or something.
To enter the challenge, simple post to the RPM garage (if you were not already redirected from there); please follow their rules when posting! Also, put the challenge name somewhere in the post. If you do, I will give you a cyber cookie!

Love, Luck and Pixie-Dust,



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