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 So, I'm a little euphoric right now, because GUESS WHAT?! I got everything for today done (minus my resume, but I'm not counting that, because I forgot to bring it to the library, and I moved it to Sunday, so it's not like I just decided to to do it). I spent the better part of an hour dividing up my school work and extra work that's due around the area of next week over the next four days, and it's color coded madness in my planner right now. Here is how it looks:

Wednesday 30: Finish Math Homework (as necessary)
Organizational Comm (reading)
First Part of Sketch Book assignment
Practice Monologue

Read/Critique two pieces
Resume (begin)
Jimmy Bean Applicationa dn Short Essay
Outline one essay (thoreau/big dig)
2000 words/50 pages

Thursday 31: Health Comm (reading)
2nd half of sketch book assignment
Write Rough Draft of Outline Essay
Revise Essay about teacher
Semester Report for CyborgGriffin
2000 words/50 pages

Friday 1: Fun Friday Activity
PR Comm (reading)
Conceptualize drawing in sketch book
practice monologue
pick up packet and critique 1st half
outline summary of comic book
Script Frenzy Begins!!
Ouline second essay (big dig/thoreau)
2000 (script) words/50 pages

Monologue Practice at 5:30!!!

Saturday 2: Culture (reading)
Abstract (possibly)
Sketch out drawing on larger sheet
Practice Monologue
Critique rest of stories
Write second essay (if BD, send to someone to critique)
2000 words/50 pages
Monologues at 12 noon

Sunday 3: Finishing Touches on sketchbook drawing
Practice Monologue
2000 words/50 pages

Red is math homework, green is communications, orange is drawing class, blue is my theatre class, black is writing and purple is everything I do out side of class. I'm sure you will notice some trends about my life, like I need to catch up on my comm reading, and that I am doing monologues (I'm both in a monologue play right now, as well as performing on in class on Tuesday). We also have to do a lot of critiquing (or workshopping, because I'm using the former word far too much in this piece of writing) and I am kind of stoked that I managed to finish everything for today and put a line through it (and move one of them to Sunday).

SO, big things going on and coming up in my life, because I need something to talk about.

As I said, I'm giving a monologue in class. It's from a character called Angela in a play called Just Looking by Kellie Powell (who sure does love her twist endings, I will say that). ANd I'm nervous, because I will be the only one doing a practice run on Thrusday (everyone else will be performing) and the only one perfomring on Tuesday. So yeah, stage fright get out of me, all ready. I'm also in a monologue play called the vagina monologues. I'm in two group monologues, which is kind of cool beans, so I have a bit of a smaller part and not that much stress on my.

Communications is being a little blah, right now, because there are parts of it that really interest me, but some of it is just so dry, and I can't tell how much is my teacher, or if it's just because it's a one oh one class, or if it's because the reading is terribly written (not all of it is though, so that's what's really making me question my dislike of the class). Maybe it's just a lump sum payment of things.

Drawing is cool, and I am getting the hang of it. We have finally moved on to value (or putting in the shades and tints of the picture) after focusing on getting an accuarate form for so long. But I think it was worth it and I'm getting really into it.

Creative Writing is the most amazing class. I think like most of the poeple who do a lot of writing, the basic 141 writing class was kind of rough, because they were trying to take us back to rules we had not only had in school, but things that most of us sought out on our own to learn. It a way I think it helped me to learn some new things and manage my style a little bit. But mostly, it was boring and it was hard to see past that, and sometimes the people who had never written before (no exageration here, some people actually introduced themselves as this), became a little frustrating (it would have been more, but most of them were really nice people), but 142, intermediate creative writing, is so much different and a much better step up. A lot of it has to do with the way my professor teaches it. Ah, she is such a dream professor: she lets us write whatever we want. Prose, poetry and whatever genre we want. It was really freeing after being confined to two pages (double spaced) all of one forty-one (and of course, she askes that we be considerate of those reading and worshopping our packets). And even though she gives us prompts, she lets us throw them if they aren't what we need to be writing at the moment.

I actually wrote an essay about her for one of my scholarship programs as a professor who inspires me. ANd it's not just that she's great in the classroom. She's encouraging to a fault; she lets us submit things to her that we need a second pair of eyes for and it doesn't matter what we need or how much we submit. And I don't know how she does it: she has kids that she spends three days of the week away from to come and teach the classes here. And there has been mention of chemo in her life, and she built a log cabin with her own hands and raised sheep there, she plays the banjo and she's just...I think she's kind of the person that many young women (especially those who write) aspire to be. She lives for all that she is, and does not hold the standards of the world (so far as I've seen) in very high reguard. She's fantastique.

And now I have I LIKE YOU SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU'RE NAKED by Ida Marie stuck in my head. I guess that's what I get for listening to musci when I write.

And scholarship update: I did my JimmyBean form, so now I have one and a half scholarships done (I need to go back and revise the one I wrote about my creative writing professor), and I chose to outline and brainstorm for my thoreau essay, so I'll be writing that tomorrow, and I think it's going to be fantastic. What is it with me and being repeatative today? Even though I spelled it funny the first time.

So I think I might be going through antoher spiritual awakening. It started the friday before spring break, when a friend came to Friend J for counseling and prayer. We were waiting for Friend J's sister, and so I got involved in the conversation, and started talking about what I knew about faith and forgiveness (I won't divuldge the whole problem, but that's pretty much the core of it), and we prayed and jammed out some worship music, and I just had not had that kind of fellowship in a really long time, and it felt really good. Then, of course, there was also the Thoreau essay (and I think I am serially spelling his name wrong, but I am too lazy to look it up), of which the theme is simplicity. And one of the firs thtings I thought of was this verse in Matthew that talks about how God feeds the birdds of the air and they don't ahve to toil, and how much more does he love us? So we shouldn't worry about things, because he's got us, he's got the whole world in his hands. And I think it's just great how this stuff is seeping back into my life, because it means that no matter how much I try (okay, i don't try, it's more like I forget) and ignore my faith, it's still there, Christ is still there, waiting for me to come back to Him, and He is very patient and loves me enough to wait and draw me back into His embrace.

Of course, I'm not actually sure what number spiritually awakening this is, because, upon reflection, I realize God has to get my attention a lot and that's kind of bad, when I can't just open my eyes and stay awakened to see Him. I mena, that's like falling asleep at the wheel, on a crowded highway during a blizzard. It's just not a good idea for me spiritually. I even wrote a poem about it before spring break (which was one of the things that was like, hey, remember this, and all of these commitments you made). And I sometimes feel like I'm using God, but at times, it seems okay, because He's using me through me using Him. He creates storms in our lives (for instance my financial burdens) to draw us back to Him. And I am trying to remember everyday that He has a plan for all beings (even me) and that if it is in His plan that I should return, then I will come back to Hollins next year. It would still suck if I didn't though, so I keep praying for him to help me pull through. But He's still God, and I'm still not, so I guess I'm going to have to respect His judgement more than my wishes.

on an unrelated, and un-spiritual note (unless you would liek to relate this to spiritual hunger...hmmm...maube I should try that), I have been getting hunger pangs later at night, like around nine and ten. I think this might be because we ate at a later time over spring break when I was staying with Friend J, but I've been trying to eat later. Not only that, I've kind of been hungry all around. I think it might be because of the sincere lack of note worthy food in my cafeteria, and that I was eating real food over break (and I do mean, real by the way). Ah, a plight of being a college student. Well, that's why I'm trying to get off of the meal plan for next year, so I don't have to worry about the cafeteria food.

I am also currently experiencing varied head pains, as hopefully that means this mini storm we just got is rolling out of our valley and on it's way somewhere else. Not that we're getting snow. Normal I would not be opposed to having snow and maybe the possibility of having class canceled. But tomorrow is Thursday, which is my chance to work, and go to the classes I really, honestly, truly, madly, deeply enjoy. If you take that away from me, weather, we will have beef. Oh, hi, Jesus, right, in Your own time again, huh?

I still need about one hundred fifty words, so I need to think about what I can tell you. I don't think I could count repeating Ida Marie's lyrics over and over again, besides she already does that in the song (which is part of the charm, I do admit). Um..........magic is fun to write about. I like it because it is magical.

OH...Spring Cottilion is in two weeks, and I get to wear a pretty dress, and they are playing TANGLED at the school theatre this weekend, which I will probably see with Friend A and other friends and and...there's a masquerade this friday, which sounds like it would be fun! Have I mentioned that I love Hollins University and don't want to imagine leaving. I don't think I've said it implicitely yet, so I'll leave you with that.
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