Mar. 25th, 2011

 Title: Girl Power: young Women Speak Out!: personal Writings from Teenage Girls
Author/Editor: Hillary Carlip
Summary: "Sometimes the only thing that will listen to you is paper." A book collecting writings from and examining the positive and negative aspects of girls in different cliques and groups across the United States.
Girl Power )
But (please, please, please) see for yourself: Girl Power by Hillary Carlip

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 So, I have to explain something before anyone sees the music selection for this part of the story. I mentioned in a journal earlier this week, that my friend J and I went to go visit her friend L up at her college. While we were there, friend L introduced us to a couple of things (including an interesting St. Mary's tradition called ponding), and we watched A Goofy Movie (which is a tradition between friends J and L), and somewhere in there, friend L showed us an interesting video by the Lonely Islands ft. Akon, called "I Just Had Sex." It's a very amusing song. And considering that this story is about Dillon loosing his virginity I figured it was appropriate to listen to while writing. So yeah. Here it is, a story about sex, where eventually this song will be featured. I highly recommend it. 

How To Loose Your Virginity With Dillon part 3 )

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