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 OMAKE: Once, in the Future...

It was early, before anyone else had arrived. Both Jude and Artemis had felt the need to satisfy a craving, so Conner had already been up early, and just went straight to work. The bouncy pop number played in the background as he danced and danced, feeling his adrenaline rush. The pop number died off and he slowed to a stand still and then raised his hands up into the sky, before falling down in his position to touch his toes. After a few minutes, she rolled up slowly, and brought his hands to heart. With his heartbeat in his ears, he could also hear the breath and heart of another.

Conner turned and saw Xander standing on the stage.

"Yes, oh creepy manager?"

"Oh, nothing," Xander replied. Gone was the pixie of a man, a despite red hair covering his head and face, Xander looked more like David than ever. "I just thought I would let you know that they've moved up the international conference to this evening, but not many people know. Still, a number of nations are calling for a negotiator. Someone who loves peace, justice, and still feels isolated enough from all of the countries. You've been nominated, and the politcals are voting right now."

"You know in a way, David becoming president is the worst thing ever," Conner said.

"Yeah, like he was going to let Lex one up him," Xander said. "But Superman stands too much for the United States, even if he is from Krypton. And of course since the Themyscira was made an official country of the UN, your mom's not an option. But you are the perfect plan, Conner. World travelar, diplomat, friend to the people. Think you can make room for us in your schedule?"

"You're a bitch, Xan," Conner replied. "How's Arcadia?"

"Doing well," Xander said. "We're thinking of actually getting married soon. Babi thinks it's about damn time, what with us living together already, but Mom, Dad and Dr. and Mrs. Carpenter understand. Is Jude giving you hell? And Artemis?"

"Jude's doing fine, so is Artemis. The babies are fine too. All three of them." Conner shook his head. "It blows my mind, knowing that in just a few short months I'm going to be a dad." Conner paused and turned back to Xander. "What time?"

"Conference starts at seven."

"I'll be there."

Conner had the morning to do a first run through of the new off-Broadway musical he was staring in. After a quick lunch, he had to be in the studio, but stopped by his apartment that he lived in with Jude and Artemis.

"I have icecream!" he called.

"In here!" Jude shouted from the bed room. Conner got two spoons from the kitchen and brought a pint of their favorite to Jude and Artemis. "Don't you have to be in the studio in like, ten minutes?" Jude asked as Conner bent to kiss him. Conner pressed a finger to his lips and shushed him.

"I'm cheating. And fifteen."

"I would like a kiss too, brother," Artemis said, from where she sat up on the other side of the bed. Conner reached over Jude and pecked her cheek, and she his in return. He then turned to see that they had the TV hooked up in the bedroom, something Conner was no used to.

"I know you don't like mixing media in the bedroom," Jude said. "Niether do I, but the bed really is more comfortable, and Diana called and the David called about this world nations' summit that's starting to conglomorate. They managed to keep it a secret until now, so it seemed interesting enough to watch."

"Yeah, speaking of which, I'm going to be late tonight," Conner said. Jude's eyes went wide.

"They asked you to speak?"

"They aske Super Wonder to speak, but yeah. And I figure who am I to get in the way of world peace?"

"This is big, babe."

"I know, Jude," Conner said, running a hand through his hair. He leaned down and hugged his husaband, and then pulled back, kissing Jude's stomach twice. "You two be good for your dad." Then he leaned over and kissed Artemis' stomach as well. "You be good too, my little amazon."

"Be well, brother and keep your head," Artemis advised. Conner grinned,

"Fine advise from the mighty Artemis."

"See you later babe," Jude said. They kissed one last time before Conner sped off to the studio.

Eureka was there waiting for him.

"You're nearly late," she remarked.

"I'm seven minutes early, Eureka," he retorted.

"Every good musician is thirty minutes early," she replied. "How's Jude and Missy?"

"They're doing just fine. How's Cooper?"

"He's holed up in his cave, helping the Plumbers monitor the nations' senate and space while the Justice League is on guard," she replied. "Oh, and Al came to see if you could squeeze in a segment of 'Dueling Pianos' You game?"

"If I have enough time. A certain guest had been asked to attend that same nations' senate tonight." He wiggled his eyebrows at Eureka, who giggled a little.

"All right, then, well we better get to work."

Studio work was metally grueling, and afterwards, Conner had to run a few times around the planet, before arriving at his home base, just north (and a little up) from metropolis. Inside his invisible crystal fortress, Conner showered, shaved and dressed, and came out as the Super Wonder.

His costume had changed again, as he had gotten a little older, and he now wore loose combat trousers, with a breast plate, stamped with the sheild of El, surrounded by laurels. Over which he wore a blue, Kryptonian style long coat (or at least, what Jor-El's computer's said was a Kryptonian style long coat). As always though, he wore the same style of boots he had since he was sixteen. Dressed as the superhero and prince he was, Kon-El, the Super Wonder flew from his fortress to New York, and to the United Nation's building.

He landed on the steps, and the reporters swarmed around him, but managed to keep a respectful difference. The second he landed, a second person landed beside him.

"Kon-El!" Kara greeted cheerfully. Her uniform was gone, and in place of it she, too, dressed in the style of a Kryptonian and bore the mark of the house of El. The only thing unchanged was her cape, which she kept in place of a coat. "It is good to see you cousin! Shall we enter together? Cousin Kal-El is already in place." He grinned and offered his arm to her, as camera's clicked all around them, and walked up the steps of the UN Building.

Jude watched his husband enter the UN Building, and the babies kicked excitely in his stomach.

"Yeah I know, you're excited for your dad, but calm down," he told him, rubbing his stomach. It was then that he felt a sharp pang in his lower abdomen.

"Are you all right, brother?" Artmemis asked on the other side of him.

"Just a pang," Jude said, fanning himself. "Did it get like a million degrees warmer in here?"

"No?" Artemis cocked her head and then felt her eyes grow wide. "Julian, are you in labor?"

"Well, it's kind of hard to tell when you're a guy," he replied, shivering, another pang ripping into his stomach.

"We must get you to a hospital!" Artemis declared, climbing out of bed. She made it to the other side in good time for a woman who was eight months pregnant, but Jude waved her off when she tried to lift him. "I am still an amazon."

"A very pregnant amazon! Missy, I'm only five months along, I'm not sure I can even have the babies right now. After all, fae children, even half-fae, gestate for at least a year, and..." Jude sniffed, and Artemis rubbed his back.

"Call on your mother, she will help," said Artemis. "And I will call the amazons I know who have trained as midwifes, and they shall come to help us."

"Can you use the phone all on your own?" Jude asked. Artemis looked like she wanted to punch him but only reconsidered because of the pain he was already in, and waddled into the hall to use the phone. Jude inhaled against the pain and called out, "Mother, I need you."

And in a swirl of purple mist, Queen Mab was there.

"Oh! Julian, I feel your pain, what is it, child?"

"The babies, mother, I need you to help me deliever my babies."

"Breathe deeply, my son," she advised rubbing his back. "Titiana, Puck, I require you!" The two faeries appeared in the bed room. "Young Jude is having his children, and I shall need you both to assist me."

"Oh, yes, queen mother," Puck replied.

"Are the children old enough to come out of him?" Titania asked placing her hands on his stomach. "Oh my!"

"What, what's wrong?" Jude asked.

"They are quite old enough!" Titiana exclaimed. "Perhaps the mix of blood made it possible. I could not think of how else. Come, we need you undressed. Is the amazon calling for other midwives?"

"Yes, I'm not sure when they'll be here, though," Jude said.

"Worry not, my son," Mab said. "You will still be a time. Shall we fetch young Conner?"

"No, he's needed where he is," Jude said. "I can't tear him away, not now." Mab got a look in her eye, but Jude grabbed her by the arm. "Mother don't, not now. Conner is where he needs to be."

"As you wish, my son," Mab replied. "Artemis? Amazon, are you well?" Puck wizzed out of the room, and shouted back,

"Not so well, queen mother. Her water is broken."

"The others will be here soon!" she called.

"Two births in one night," Mab said, shaking her head. "Conner will have quite the surprise when he returns home."

Super Wonder listened to the two nations argue, waiting for a good moment to interrupt, when an amazon sister came up to him.

"Forgive me, my prince, but..." she leaned down and whispered in his ear. Conner's eyes went wide, and he stopped in shock, so long that one of the delagates asked,

"Kon-El? Are you quite all right?"

"Forgive me," he replied, shaking himself out of it. "But I was just informed that my children were born about half an hour ago. Two boys and a girl, all very healthy." The assembly paused with him gapping, before appaulse rose in the room. "I would like to take this time to reflect on the new life that we all create, and say that for this new life, we must make changes to help them suceed. This international contract will be best for all of us. We can work out the finer points in time, but it is for our children that we must ensure peace." The applause continued, and another international intermediary came up to releave him.

"Your children were just born!" he exclaimed. "Go! And be happy! All things will be well." Conner flew all the way home.

Mab opened the window to their apartment and smiled at him.

"I trust you heard the news?" she asked.

"Yes, yes, thank you Mother Mab." He kissed her cheek, and embraced her.

"Jude, Artemis and the children are all asleep, but you may look on them." Conner could not help but grin as he entered the bedroom, and found three basinets, faerie made, very evidently. He grinned again as he saw a smal hand reach out of one and grasp one of the stars hanging down from a mobile. He reached into the basinet, and slowly picked up the baby. Craddling him in his arms, Conner knew that this one was Jude's by the purple eyes that stared back at him.

"You're supposed to be asleep, little one," he crooned.

"Which one is that?" Conner turned to see Jude pushing himself up in the bed.

"Did I wake you?"

"I could just feel you here," Jude said, accepting the baby as Conner held him out. "Ah, yes, I was thinking of calling her Iole, but I didn't want to name her until you got here. Iole Diana, if your mother will approve."

"And what does Mother Mab think?" Conner asked.

"She thinks the child might get beat up in school if we call her Mab," Jude replied. One of the babies began to cry and it roused Artemis.

"I'll get him, hold on," he said as she began to rise. It was indeed her red-headed baby boy who had cried out, and had also kicked himself out of his one-sie.

"There now my little prince, there is nothing to cry over," she said, holding him to her breast. The child began to suckle eagerly. "He has your eyes, Kon."

"He'll be a lady killer when he gets older," Conner replied with a smile, to which Artemis glared. "A very respectful lady killer, I can assure you."

"Hippolytus will be what ever he wants to be," Artemis replied.

"You might want to pick another name," Jude advised, "Since you are planning on raising him here half the time. And you know, that whole getting picked on in school thing."

"Paul?" Artemis asked with a smile.

"No Beatles names," Jude retorted.

"Aw, I was hoping to name the other one Ringo!" Conner exclaimed. The third baby cried out from his crib, and Conner went back to lift him out. "Do you miss your brother and sister?" he asked. The baby burrowed into his chest, but not before he caught the bright blue eyes that his son has.

"And he looks just like you Kon," Jude said. "I figured I could wait for you to name him."

"I like Seth," Conner said, as the baby grasped one of his hands. "He can be Seth Jonathan Prince."

"You know tomorrow, we're going to be inundated with family and friends," Jude said.

"Well, the confernce was televised. Eureka or someone is probably making a sign up sheet for when everyone can come," Conner said. He riggled into bed between Jude and Artemis. "I'm so happy," Conner confessed. "Thank you. Both of you." He kisse Artemis' cheek as she nursed Hippolytus, and then kissed Jude full on the mouth. Seth burbbled in his arms, and Conner held him close. "I don't think I can be any more happy than I am right now."

Now, more than ever Conner was grateful that his mother had taken him in all those years ago, and raised him to be the man that he was. 
 The door to Jude's room stood open, but Conner rapped gently on the frame, and Jude looked up from a book he was reading.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," Conner replied, entering the room. He took off his jacket, hanging it on Jude's sparse coat rack, and pulled off his boats before he fell into his boyfriend's arms on the bed.

"You want to talk about it?" Jude asked.

"I dunno," Conner said, resting his chin on Jude's chest. "There's a lot to say...You know how Superman's my genetic donor?"


"Well, he wasn't the only one. I...Lex Luthor is my other dad." Jude's fingers run smoothly along Conner's scalp.

"You know that doesn't change anything about us. Anything at all," Jude said. "It was never about who your parents are, Conner. It had always been about who you are to me. Are you still the same? Probably not exactly. But you're still my Conner." Then, Conner knew he did not need to control the tears anymore, and Jude just held him as he cried. They fell asleep like that, together; Conner felt sure he could do that, minus the crying, every night for the rest of his life.

Conner awoke to the sound of his cell phone. He thought it was his mother, so he rolled off of Jude and flipped it open.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Ah, yes, Conner." Conner shot up on the bed.

"How did you get this number?"

"Your mother gave it to me," Lex Luthor replied. "She and I agreed that our conversation yesterday ended rather abruptly. She, your fathers and I would like to include you on what we all discovered yesterday. Would you meet us at the Greenwich for breakfast in an hour? I'm sure you can borrow something suitable from your friend, Mr. Moon."

"All right," Conner said.

"Good. We'll talk more when you arrive." As soon as the call disconnected, Conner speed dialed his mother, while Jude looked up at him sleepy and confused.

"So I take it Luthor called you?" she asked as soon as they connected.

"Of course he did!" Conner said. "You thought he was genuine enough to give him my phone number?"

"Conner's really too much to say over the phone. Bruce, Clark and I will explain at breakfast."

"Breakfast, right, at the Greenwich?" Conner asked.

"Yes. Can Jude loan you something to wear?" Conner looked at Jude, who was sitting up, eying him with a sleepy expression in his eyes and a smile on his face. Conner resisted telling her that Lex Luthor had suggested the same thing.

"Yeah I think Jude can loan me something," Conner replied.

"All right, we'll see you soon, sweetheart," Diana said.

"Bye Mom." Conner waited for her to repeat the words and then hung up the phone. Jude wrapped his arms around Conner, and pressed his lips to his boyfriend's neck.

"What am I loaning you?"

"A suit, or something equally nice. I'm having breakfast at the Greenwich."

"Mmmm," Jude muttered. Conner leaned back into him, and they staid like that for a few minutes until David called,

"Conner! Shower!"

"Why is it that I have so many parents?" Conner asked. "First I'm Superman's clone, then Diana adoptted me, Batman always acts like everybody's dad. Then David and Fox, since we started dating, and now Lex Luthor, who is probably genuinely interested in my well being."

"Think so?" Jude asked.

"I don't think we would be meeting with him otherwise." Conner turned to Jude and pressed a kiss to his lips. "Thank you. For being you. And amazing."

"I do my best," Jude replied, swinging his legs around Conner and sliding off the bed. "Could I bother you to take a quick one, babe? I have to be down at Less Than Twenty-One in a while to set up things for today and train a couple of newbies."

"Sure," Conner replied, pulling off his shirt and walking toward Jude's bathroom. He scrubbed off, washing as quickly as he could, and gave up the shower to Jude in less than ten minutes.

"Thanks, babe," Jude said, kissing him quickly before striding into the bathroom. "Owen's got a suit for you!"

Owen was waiting near Jude's bed, laying out the suit, boxers, socks and shoes.

"Mr. Xanatos thought perhaps you might like something more fitted," Owen explained.

"David knows my sizes?" Conner asked.

"Mrs. Xanatos has an exceptionally good eye," Owen replied. "Will that be all, sir?"

"Oh, yes, thank you, Mr. Barnett. Sorry to hold you up." Owen gave the smallest of smiles and exited the room, closing the door behind him so Conner could get dressed. He did so quickly, and was grateful, as Fox entered the room without knocking just as he was pulling on his shoes.

"Almost done?" she asked. "I'm the one taking you."

"Can't I just--?"

"No flying. Don't want to give anyone suspicions about Conner Prince and the Super Wonder." Conner pulled on his jacket and stood, and Fox moved foward to straighten his tie and jacket, in the way Diana would have. "Did you run a comb through your hair?"

"Yes, Fox," Conner replied.

"Well, let me do it again, really quick and then we can go." He bent down for Fox to comb his hair and when she finished, they both took the elevator down to the garage where the car was waiting for them. Conner was nearly late because of the traffic, but he made it just in time for Fox to give one last piece of advice, "Don't let Luthor scare you. He's like a lot of people who come into fortunes--scared he'll turn into his father."

"How is that supposed to help me?" Conner asked.

"Well, when Xander was born, I was scared shitless that I would do something to mess him up. And my dad was attentive and a descent man. Lionel Luthor was probably some of the worst scum you would ever meet. If I were Lex, that would probably be the reason why I did not currently have children. Knock'em dead kid. I'll wait here in case you need a quick getaway."

"Thanks, but I can fly remember?" Conner said. "And thanks for the advice, Fox."

"No problem," Fox replied. Conner stepped out of the car and walked quickly up to the Greenwich.

"Good morning, Mr. Prince," the door man said.

"Morning," Conner replied, entering the building. He walked up to the reception desk, waited quietly until a clerk was ready and when he quietly announced himself, they were tripping over themselves to find someone to take him to the room where his parents, Bruce and Luthor were waiting. He felt better seeing his mother and Bruce there, but his throat still tightened at the sight of Luthor, who sat, without an expression on hsi face.

"I'll see about breakfast coming along," said the young attendant.

"Thank you," Luthor replied as she showed herself out of the room. "Please, have a seat."

"I feel like I'm about to get fired," Conner confessed as he took a seat facing Luthor, but near his mother.

"Well, considering I haven't taken you on for any positions, yet, I find that highly unlikely," Luthor replied. "Actually I want you to have something." Luthor pushed a file across the small conference table to him, and Conner accepted it. When he opened it, it read the words "Cadmus Labs," at the top of every paper.

"You're giving me Cadmus labs?" Conner asked.

"I feel it might be best in your hands, considering your history," Luthor replied.

"If you would like, I will help you run it until you feel ready to manage it on your own," Bruce said. "Your mother is more than willing to help too."

"I don't understand; we know you are a member of the Light. You knew about my project. Why did you have such a sudden change of heart?" Luthor gave a very thin smile.

"Yes, it's true, I was a member of the light and I knew of your engineering. What I did not know about was the use of my DNA to help stabilize Clark's," Luthor replied. "Conner, I am a coarse man, and I do things for my own well being. One of the reasons I decided never to have children was simply because my father helped create the dark man you see before you. I knew I would create such a person and he or she would one day push me out of a window." Conner almost whistled at Fox's accurate guess. "You were a total surprise. A good one, seing as you have such high morals that you have a much better chance at not murdering me, but all the same, the light forgot one essential thing when it used my DNA."

"And what's that?" Conner asked.

"No one should fuck a Luthor," Lex replied, his grin widening. "If they fuck you, you fuck harder."

"Do you have to be so vulgar?" Diana asked.

"He is in high school, he'll have heard the words," Lex said. "In any case, Bruce managed to get me to agree that you will also inherit Luthor corp upon my death, faked or real, not to crush your dreams of being a pianist or an actor."

"I don't suppose running Luthorcorp will help any sort of political career either," Conner muttered.

"If you clean it up," Lex replied with a shrug. "Besides, I'm sure people will be begging the Super Wonder to help them work our their problems in the future. And if you turn out anything like Clark or I, you might be able to manage more than you think. Though, I understand that you already have quite the meal on your plate with Amazons begging for your sperm." Conner flushed, and then even more so when a voice behind him asked,

"What's this about Amazons?" Conner turned to see Tony Stark standing over him with a grin. "Sorry to interrupt, but I was having breakfast with Stephen, and I see two of my biggest rivals, with one of the country's best reporters, and Ms Prince, who is soon going to be the CEO of an up and coming company, and I couldn't resist."

"Well, Tony, as hard as it might be to believe, this is not business at all," Bruce replied, putting on his most charming smile. "And I never took you for corporate espianoge."

"Well, not when I'm sober." Conner felt the joke fall a little flat.

"You are doing better though, aren't you?" Lex asked.

"Oh, yeah, been just about a year since the transplant, and I have plenty of people slapping my hands away from drinks when I feel the need. Sorry, that was inappropriate, but as long as I can be sure I'm not missing out on the deal of the century, I'll leave you too it." Tony waved them off and returned to a table with a man who Conner swore was the socerer supreme.

"What happened?" he whispered.

"Tony's been a drinker for some years," Lex replied. "Got it from his father. It finally took him down about a year ago. A previously unknown relative stepped in and donated a part of her liver to him. Brilliant girl from what I could dig up on her. She'll probably be running Stark industries when he's gone. You should meet her." Conner blinked.

"Ria Stark?" he asked. All four of the adults turned to him. "What? I met her through Xander."

"Hmm, I may yet have uses for you." He smiled as he said it, though Clark glared at him, so Conner could not tell if he was joking.

When he returned to the mountain, he got sympathetic glances from Robin, Wally and M'gann. Artemis and Kaldur staid back a bit as Wally clapped him on the shoulder and said,

"Luthor as your dad. That's a bit harsh."

"He wasn't that bad now that he's not helping the light anymore," Conner said. "Arty? Kaldur? What's wrong?"

"We both have something to tell you guys," Artemis said. "In support of Conner....My father is Sportsmaster. If you guys didn't already figure that out when he broke into that party to get me. Mom worked with GA briefly, and when she got a hold on me over a year ago, she took me to him and to the league for protection."

"And though I have been raised by and along side the royalty of Atlantis...most recently, my king and queen confessed my parentage was not a favorable one either," Kaldur replied. "My father is Black Manta, and my mother is the woman known as Siren."

"It doesn't change us," Conner said. "It doesn't change anything about us. We are still who we were, and we are still a team." Robin grinned, a grin that reached his eyes under his sun glasses, and stuck his hand out into the middle of the circle they had created. Wally put his hand on Robin's and M'gann followed suit. Artemis rolled her eyes but added her hand to the pile, then Kaldur, and at last, Conner added his hand. "We are together as one."

And as he looked at the faces of his team mates, Conner knew everything would be all right. Not just in this moment, but always, here after, everything would be all right.
 "Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!"

"Dude," Artemis stopped in the middle of the dance floor and turned to Conner. "Did we just get Rick-rolled?"

"Just accept the offer, Artemis," he replied.

"Heeey," said a darker skinned boy, running his hands through his brown hair. "You mind if I cut in hombre?"

"What do you think?" Conner asked.

"I think you better introduce yourself," Artemis replied, sizing him up like a piece of meat. The kid just grinned.

"Leo Valdez, much gusto encantado, chika."

"Oh yeah, we can dance."

Roy did not know what to think of the perky blonde who approached them and directed her attention toward Kaldur.

"Hi! I'm Tori. We're having a water bending contest and I was wondering if you wanted to join us?" she asked.

"Water bending?" Kaldur asked. "is that not only on television?"

"We're just borrowing the phrase," Tori replied. "But you know, chanelling the water into shapes and seeing who can be the most creative and all that. Percy and I really needed more competators."

"It is more like a spar, yes?" Kaldur asked.

"Yep, we're just doing it to show off a little."

"Very well, then. I am game." Roy stood paused in his spot as they two walked off, before he bounded after them.

"Oh, I have got to see this."

The doors fly open, and a man in a hockey mask screams,

"Artemis!" Artemis pales and shoves Leo away from her.

"Dude!" Sportsmaster turns to see Kevin's metal fist flying toward his face. Sportsmaster is on the ground in seconds. Still metal, Kevin leans in to check the guy's pulse. "Not smart to figt a guy who can be completely adamantium." The metal shrinks back into his skin, as a red hed approaches them and makes the man levitate.

"We've got security on the way, but I cast an extra tight sleeping spell just in case," he said. "Hey anybody know the appropriate government agency to call to get this guy taken down?"

"Probably the Justice League," Conner remarks.

"But Mage Opps would probably take him, or could at least direct him to the right area," Eureka added, already on her phone. "Hi Dad. A supervillian invaded the party. No we're all right. We just need someone to cart him off." She frowns into the phone before she presses it to her chest. "Anybody have contact in the Covert Special Opps?"

"I got it!" called a blonde dressed in red, also on his phone.

"So, out of curiosity, how did you make yourself all metal?" the red head asked Kevin.

"Part of my phisiology," Kevin explained. "I'm part osmosian. We absorb things. What kind of magic did you pull on that guy."

"Faerie magic," he replied with shrug. "I get it from my grandmother. She's a sidhe. Queen of the sidhe actually. Queen Titania." Kevin's eyes went wide.

"You're Alexander Xanatos?!" he exclaimed. "But you're short!"

"If I had a nickle," Alexander remarked whistfully.

"But you're rich!" Kevin retorted.

"No, my dad is rich. I have to earn my own way in the world. It keeps me from getting a big head. And please, call me Xander."

Conner's confused about what happened after that, because once they get Sportsmaster carted away, enough people have pushed and pulled that Xander and posse are getting up on stage to perform a song. Xander is all the way in the back on drums.

"What's up!" called a boy who sat down at the piano. "'Kay we don't have a band name or anything, but I'm Luc LeBeau, that's Nico Tesla on the bass, Jude Moon on the guitar, and of course Xander Xanatos on the drums!" Everyone cheered. "Okay, we're going to do like two songs. This first one, the first person who jumps up here gets to sing it, but it should be a song you all know. If not, you need to go listen to more classic rock. Who's a fan of Journey?"

Everyone is crowding in front of the stage at this point, and Kaldur shoves Roy toward the steps.

"You are a fan of the Journey!" Kaldur exclaims bullying Roy all the way to the steps.

"Do we have a taker?"

"Fine, just stop!" Roy hisses as he climbs onto stage. Everyone cheered as Roy stepped in front of the mic and Luc began the chords to "Don't Stop Believin'." the crowd went wild as all of them together began to sing with Roy. "Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anyyywhere. Just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit. He took the midnight train going anyyywhere."

By the second verse though, Roy was really working the mic, "Some will win. Some will loose. Some were born to sing the bluuuueess!!" Everyone bounces up and down and sings along and things just get a little crazy. Roy takes his bow and walks off stage, and Luc announces,

"If you don't know this next song, though I think you should, again you should go listen to classic rock."

Harmonizing together, the four of them sing out, "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" And they have to get a little louder over the cheers.

After the Noname Band performs, the DJ declares it disney hour, and most of Young Justice sits out while the organized musical numbers go on out on the floor, until "Tale as old as Time," comes on, and then they're all ready to slow dance. Even Dick has someone that his Mythomagic buddies hooked him up with, a blonde girl wearing radish earings.

"Hi." Conner looks up to see the guitarist from the NoName band. Up close, Conner can see that he's taller than him, and asian. "I'm Jude, you wanna dance?"

"Sure, I'm Conner." The take the floor, not wrapping their arms around each other as closely as they could. "So, you don't go to school here?"

"No," Jude said. "I go to school with Xan and them. And Xan's my foster brother. Now you say something?"

"Well, I live with my mom, technically my foster mom, Diana, and I do go to school here. I'm majoring in business and music with a side of theatre and maybe if I work up to it politics."

"Pretty classy," Jude agreed. "All right. Let's see, I'm Korean, and Scottish." He bit his lip, then said, "My mother is Queen Mab of sidhe. I do faerie magic."

"Wow, that's pretty cool."

"And you?" Jude asked.

"Well, I'm Greek and Kansian."


"Yes, as in from the state of Kansas." Jude smiled. "And I'm and amazon, the very first male of my kind. And if I get excited enough, I can fly."

"Mmm, so how might I get you excited Super Wonder?" conner ducks his head at the name that the papers had given him since the unveiling of his new outfit. He smiles back, though, because this is the place where secrets are meant to be kept. And Jude...Jude gives him a good feeling in his heart.

"You could kiss me," Conner volunteers. Jude smiled and leaned in to kiss him. Conner responded to the gentle touch on his lips, by pressing back and slowly floating a few inches off the floor. the touch down after only a few moments, so no one else notices. And Jude grinned at him,

"You wanna go do more of that somewhere?" Conner took his hand, and led the way.

They leave the party at midnight, and make it to Mt. Justice to crash about one. The mentors are all exceeding surprised when they are up with breakfast burritos in hand at seven o' clock.

"How was the party?" Black Canary asked.


"EPIC!" Dick and Wally exclaimed.

"Roy has an excellent kareoke voice," Artemis reported, making a little Roy flushed.

"And there was no booze?" Green Arrow inquired.

"Everything was as clean as Conner promised," Roy replied.

"But there were those there who had special abilities of their own," Kaldur replied. "I met several who had excellent control over water."

"There were also wizards, and the kids of the Greek pantheon," Robin reported.

"Ninjas, but not bad ninjas," Artemis said. "A lot of them were from California."

"It is a little crazy," Conner admitted.

"Speaking of crazy," Wally said, a grin forming on his face. "You disappeared during Disney hour. Where'd you go?"

"Umm..." Conner flushed and tried to think of an excuse.

"He snuck off with that guitar player," M'gann replied. "I watched them go."

"While you were necking with Ben 10?" Conner retorted, making M'gann go red.

"We weren't necking!" she protested. "We were talking... And at least I don't have any marks on me!"

"Ohmigosh!" Artemis exclaimed, attaching herself to Conner's neck, and pulling down his shirt to reveal a red and purple mark on his collar bone. "Conner's got a hickey!"

"Shut up!" he retorted pushing her away.

"Conner who is this boy, and where does he live?" Wonder Woman inquired.

"His name is Julian Moon," Robin replied before Conner could. "He's a native of New York, and is currently the ward of David Xanatos."

"Damn sneaking into that castle is going to be hard." But before anyone could protest, the Zeta Beam transporter came to life.

"Transporting S19, Xanatos, Transporting, b19, Moon."

"You aren't authorized to use that," Batman growled.

"Then put better security on it, Bruce, it didn't even take me five minutes," Xanatos replied as he walked into the main area, Jude trailing behind him. "Would one of you young heros care to explain the deplorable state of my son's neck?"

"David, isn't this taking it a little far?" Jude asked. "It's just a hickey."

"It's just a hickey now," Xanatos retorted. "The next thing we know you'll be coming home pregnant."

"You can do that?" Wally asked. "Dude!" Jude muttered something about not knowing for sure.

"Um, Mr. Xanatos, that was me," Conner said. David cursed in Greek, and muttered,

"I knew I should have brought the Krypotonite!" Wonder Woman raised an eye-brow at him and began speaking in rapid Greek to which David replied. They wandered off to more private quarters speaking as they went. Jude turned to Conner,

"What are they saying?"

"Basically? When we're old enough, we're getting married. Mr. Xanatos is already talking about pushing the laws through, though Mother wants to be more diplomatic."

"I'm going to have to face an entire island full of amazons to get you, aren't I?" Jude asked.

"Dude, your dad is David Xanatos, and your mom is Queen Mab," Conner replied.

"That does not compare to an island full of amazons," Jude retorted.

"It will if I get you pregnant."

"No babies 'till you're married!" Wonder Woman and Xanatos called in tandem.

OMAKE 5: No One Screws a Luthor
Batman frowned at the screen, and that was how Conner knew the test was positive. 
"So, I'm half human?" Conner asked. 
"It would appear that half your DNA does align with a human type," Batman said. Diana placed her hand on his shoulder and Superman--Clark--shifted a little closer. 
"Is there anyway of telling who the human donor is?" Superman asked. 
"It's no one in the League," Batman replied. 
"We have other samples in the database beside the League," Superman retorted. "You've already run them, and you know who Conner's human donor is." 
"Who is she Bruce?" Diana asked. Her nails dug into his shoulder, and Conner placed a hand on hers. 
"Who is he," Batman asked. All three of them gapped at him. "You aren't going to like it."
Conner had walked away when they were discussing the possibilities his future, and god, they were going to need to do a lot of tests on him now, because...
"Being a clone wasn't bad enough." And then he was at the transport bay. "Please send me down to Earth--Metropolis." Thankfully, the Martian Manhunter was not manning the controls, and Black Lightning frowns, but complies. 
"Do what you gotta do, kid. I'll send your parents after you when they get here." Conner nodds, and then he's in an alley in Metropolis. He rose into the sky, slowly, because he's only been able to really fly for so long, and grateful he wore his costume to Watchtower. He flew to Lexcorp, and landed on the roof. They must have sensed his coming, because Luthor's assistant Mercy is there. 
"I'd like to see him, please." Mercy did not say anything. She never did. But she nodded, and escourted him down the stair way, to the penthouse of the building, where Lex Luthor is waiting behind a desk.
"So, what brings the Super Wonder all the way down to see me? I like you're new costume by the way." Conner wished he could burn his new kevlar pants, his black tee, but not the red jacket, s-sheild seared on the back, and the golden laurels on the front. His mother had given him that, and nothing Lex Luthor said would take it from him.
"Did you know?" Conner's voiced scratched against his throat. 
"You'll have to be a little more specific," Lex replied. "I know a lot of things." 
"Did you know that I'm your son?" Luthor freezes where he sits, his face melting into a total blank. "Or partial genetic copy I should say, because that's probably how you think of me. I mean you're Lex Luthor, of course you knew." Conner ran his hands over his face praying to even god and goddess he knows that he will not cry in front of Lex Luthor. 
"What are you talking about?" Lex's voice resounded softly across the office. 
"Don't play dumb with me," Conner retorted. "We just ran the tests at Watchtower. We know all right? Superman's DNA was too unstable to clone on its own, they clones they kept..." Conner did not want to say how many lives Cadmus had taken in an effort to create him. "The clones kept regressing, destabilizing...dying. So they figured that a half human hybrid might stand a chance so they grew me." 
"I didn't know about this," Lex said. 
"You are the CEO and owner of Cadmus labs," Conner replied. "And you're a member of the light. Of course you knew about this. I don't know why I came here." He turned and stalked out, ignoring Lex's cries for him to wait, he makes it up to the roof where his mother, father and Batman are waiting for him. "I shouldn't have come I know," he said when the three of them opened their mouthes. "May I go see Julian, please?" 
Wonder Woman pulled him into a hug, and Superman rubbed soothing circles on his back, while Batman radioed watchtower to teleport him straight to New York on command. 
"Be safe my darling, and try to get back to the apartment tomorrow," Wonder Woman said, kissing his forehead. 
"I will." Superman wipped at his face, in a hennish sort of way, and Conner tried to remember when he got all of these people that cared about him. "Just so you know, he's claiming ignorance."
"We'll see about that," Superman replied. "Be safe, and have a good time with your boyfriend." Conner nodded, and then the Watchtower beamed up, then down in quick sucession. The New York sky was already lit with street lights; the test processing at Watchtower had taken a long time. Conner flew almost directly to Julian's, but stopped to help Spiderman wrap up with some of his villains just because he needed to hit something. 
"Thanks Wonderguy," Spidey said. 
"No prob," Conner replied, pulling out his Super Wonder voice. "Let me know if the Bugel gives you too much trouble. I'll get the Planet to run you some good press." The cheeks of Spidey's mask rise. 
"That's fine, but thanks for the offer. You ever need my help though, just put a giant spider in the sky, like your friend, the Bat." Conner gives a two finger salute and flew away toward the Eeyrie. He flew right up to the top, and lands on one of the battlements and jumps down to the area the Xanatos' use to barbecue and sun bathe. David is waiting for him. 
"We saw you on TV with Spiderman," he remarked. "Does you mother know your here?" 
"Yes," Conner replied a little too sharply. "Sorry," he said immeadiately. "It's been...a trying day." David nodded. 
"Come on in. You can stay with Julian tonight. I don't think I have to warn you what will happen if you do anything stupid. You look too exhausted to try." 
 Yeah, what it says on the tin. Here's an AU in the cartoon 'verse where they found a girl instead of a boy in the tube. 

YJ Fic )
YJ Fic )
YJ Fic )
This is set in the TV cartoon universe. I'll explain more tomorrow.

The Jam Night: Part One: Superboy's Name )



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