[Error: unknown template qotd]My dream job is actually to be a novelist, though I do realize it could be some time before I accomplish that goal. Still, I know I will obtain it some day. The only question then will be how well it sells.
[Error: unknown template qotd]I probably use way more paper than I should, but to be fair, I actually don't throw a lot of it away (since like all but five to ten percent of my paper is used for school, and I probably won't through school papers away until I finish my Masters degree....), and i do use it up well, I don't leave a lot of blank space,
[Error: unknown template qotd]Well it dpends on what I want to hear at the time, really. Sometimes metal helps me concentrate, other times, I actually listen to string instrumental music or punk, or a variationof all three.
[Error: unknown template qotd]That would be Glen Eyrie, no contest. I mean, how many towns in the US can say they have a castle just off one of the main roads? It's really an amazing sight to see, and the castle is even avalible as a hotel, so couples, groups and just anybody can spend time there. Further more, they actually have tours, so you can go around the castle and see everything (and did Gen. Palmer include some cool stuff!) The castle grounds are also gourgeos, and you can see wild rams running free! And, like plenty of other places in Colorado, and Colorado Springs, you can go hiking around the castle.

Of course, since I do live in the Springs, I'd say Pikes Peak comes as a really close second. Seeing into the next state is pretty amazing as well.

Official website of Glen Eyrie here--http://www.navigators.org/us/ministries/gleneyrie/
[Error: unknown template qotd]Schadenfreude--German for "Happiness at the misfortune of others" (I do believe this specifically refers to those who have previously been rude or mean to you, and is looked at as a form of karmic revenge....I could be wrong though!) In any case, schadenfreude is so much nicer than that mouthful and rolls right off the tongue.
[Error: unknown template qotd] Cake, most definately. There are two types of cake I love the best: I cecream cake with the little crunchies and chcolate fudge between the icecream layers and hot chocolate cake a la mode drizzled with hot fudge.
[Error: unknown template qotd] In the novel The Princess Bride by S. Morgenstern (aka William Goldman), the opening begins with the most beautiful women in the world. I like this, not because it simply talks about beauty, but how quickly the most beautiful woman in the world changes and for the most honest reasons. It later ties in, because Buttercup, the main character, later rises very quickly through the most beautiful numbers simply because she starts bathe and pay attention to the way she looks. This all was excluded from the film (though the film was still amazing) so it was rather interesting when I heard it for the first time
[Error: unknown template qotd] Some people often have an immeadiate answer when asked this question. I don't mostly because of the way I've seen them in my own writing and in alternate streams rather than just the main stream. Mostly I think they both hold pretty equal footing in my mind, however, I might be more partial to werewolves. They always seem to get the short end of the stick or are the underdogs (pardon the puns).  I like rooting for them. Mostly, vampires do appeal to me, but the I want you just to suck your blood has gotten kind of old (thus, probably why Twilight was so popular; it offered a different look at the vampiric world). So, alternative looks at vampires are what I mostly enjoy. Underworld and Twilight are two of my favorite alternative looks at the two "monster"  like creatures.

In my own writing is where I would probably get the most conflicted about this, simple because I'm probably more enamored of my characters than anyone else's. (Some extablishing notes: werewolves usually live in packs in my world that are set up as a mix between a wolf pack and a monarchy. Most werewolves and their human mates/other relatives are considered Omega wolves. There is an Alpha and his mate and their children usually hold beta wolf status. Beta wolf status can also be earned by any omega wolf and has to be earned by any of the Alpha's children. Vampires, while they do keep in touch and keep eachother sage are more spread out that most groupings of werewolves. They are made by other vampires by the biting and transfering of a gene. Most often times, this will result in another gene change such as hair or eye color. Vampires do feed on blood, but human blood makes them sick and gives them a terrible addiction, so most vampires only feed on animal blood. All vampires respect and fear the elder vampires, because they are stronger, more experienced and have out lasted many more trials. Vampire-werewolf terms are not exactly friendly but most times they are civil to each other when they come together under the Lady of the Shadows, Lady of all "dark" creatures.)

The two prime characters that come to mind and are most often used in my writing are Romulous de Lupe and Vlad/Christoph Dracul. Romulous is the great-grandson of the alpha werewolf of his pack and eventually works his way up to a Beta status at sixteen by challenging his great-grandfather to a fight and coming very close to wining. Because he took on such a feet and didn't die his pack acknowleged him as a beta. Vlad (orginially Christoph, he renamed himself for his grandfather the great Vladimir Dracul), was bitten sometime in the sixteenth century by his later to be girlfriend, Akane. He was however deaged to that of a five-year-old in 1995, making him the same age as Romulous. Both boys met in kindergarten and became best friends, much to the distress of Romulous' great-grandfather and Vlad's grandfather who are less than fond of each other. In many ways, the become the balance of eachother as Vlad is bubbly and outgoing and Romulous is of shyer and more stoic stock. 

For me, choosing between the two of them is picking vampire or werewolf and it's  very hard to pick between them



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