Apr. 21st, 2011 11:57 pm
So, this is an assignment I started for class, but since I'm not turning it in, I figure it's okay for me to post. And to be quite honest, I've been trying to do a re-write of this story for a while, even if the one I had in mind was slightly less....evil. Anyway, our assignment was to re-write a children's story from a new perspective, and I chose to re-write The Twelve Dancing Princesses, since it's been one of my favorite fairy tales for a long time now. I chose to re-write mine from the perspective of one of the underground princesses. The whole premise (I will post the revised story even if I don't count the words, but just for now so you're not total lost) is to turn the story on it's head, and make the princesses, not the princes evil. Because in most early version of the story (all of them involve the princesses going dancing each night in a magical underground kingdom, and each night, they dance so much, they wear out their shows.

The king is mightily miffed about this happening each night and sets a challenge that if someone could come and figure out where they go each night, he may marry the daughter of his choice and inherit the kingdom) the contestants were beheaded if they could not figure out where the princesses went (later versions include them being thrown into the dungeon (and later released) or no punishment for not figuring it out). But the truly disturbing thing is that the girls allow them to be beheaded, even laughing at the soldier/ cobbler /farm boy who figures them out. Some people attempt to justify this by saying that they were enchanted, or cursed. I attempt no such justification in this story. This is the beginning which will be revised and posted later.  

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annotated version of the twelve dancing princesses here: SurLaLune FairyTales
Here it is, the final part of this! Sequel may happen later. ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY YAYAY!

Experiment: Week Eight, Day Four )

3/8/11 WC: 2215
Piece WC: 10637
Project WC: 20416
Still Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum
 So, yeah, here it is. I have noticed that this project is doing wonders for my actual sitting-down-and-writing ability because once I began I really couldn't stop until like, a thousand words later it was beautiful

Experiment: Day Three, Part Two )

Piece WC: 8422
3/7/11 WC: 2062
Project WC: 18201
Still Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum

PS: Decided I am changing the piece count to the overall count for the total piece, instead of just doing what I post in that specific entry. It makes more sense in my head this way. 

So I'm not sure how much I need to say, other than that this story is becoming a little ridiculous and just growing and growing some more. 

 Experiment: Week Eight, Days Two and Three )

Piece WC: 2158
3/6/11 WC: same
Project WC: 16139
Still Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum


Mar. 5th, 2011 07:11 pm
Today was rainy, and it gave me a headache, so no homework was accomplished. Somewhere around two, I got this idea and it ran away with me. And it's still not done yet. See piece word count. 

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Piece WC: 4202
3/5/11 WC: same
Project WC: 13981
Almost finished with: Push Comes to Shove by Maud Lavin
About to start: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum. 



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