So I finally got back to writing this today. And stuff happens!

Superwoman )
 I'm kind of stoked about this story. Just saying. Oh, and all the girls wanted to do for this section was sit around and talk, but eventually we get to a plot point. 
Atalanta: Superwoman part 6 )
 This hurt to write. Well, not literally, but the action was very difficult for me. Luckily I had a friend to help me brainstorm and I persevered. 

Walking aroung the city looking for crime took some getting used to. )
So yeah, the plot thickens, and Atalanta comes out of her tent.

Atalanta: Superhero part 2 )
I didn't like how that first one went, here's a take I think will be more like what I want in the end.

Read more... )
 An idea I got today wondering about super powered people, and a what if the superman were a woman thing. I am probably going to re-write this, maybe as some form of script, but maybe as a different kind of prose (all in first, or part of it in first and part in third, limited), but for now, here's the premise and the start of it. 

Atalanta: Superhero )
Keira Page )

Piece WC: 743
3/29/11 WC: 2002
Project WC: 64016

 Yeah, this is kind of bad, but I had the idea, and When Needed just wasn't happening tonight.

Extra... )

3/16/11 WC: 2032
Piece Count: Same
Project Count: 36834
Just Finished: The History of Women's Underwear by Muriel Barbier & Shazia Boucher

Here it is, the final part of this! Sequel may happen later. ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY YAYAY!

Experiment: Week Eight, Day Four )

3/8/11 WC: 2215
Piece WC: 10637
Project WC: 20416
Still Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum
 So, yeah, here it is. I have noticed that this project is doing wonders for my actual sitting-down-and-writing ability because once I began I really couldn't stop until like, a thousand words later it was beautiful

Experiment: Day Three, Part Two )

Piece WC: 8422
3/7/11 WC: 2062
Project WC: 18201
Still Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum

PS: Decided I am changing the piece count to the overall count for the total piece, instead of just doing what I post in that specific entry. It makes more sense in my head this way. 

So I'm not sure how much I need to say, other than that this story is becoming a little ridiculous and just growing and growing some more. 

 Experiment: Week Eight, Days Two and Three )

Piece WC: 2158
3/6/11 WC: same
Project WC: 16139
Still Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum


Mar. 5th, 2011 07:11 pm
Today was rainy, and it gave me a headache, so no homework was accomplished. Somewhere around two, I got this idea and it ran away with me. And it's still not done yet. See piece word count. 

Experiment )

Piece WC: 4202
3/5/11 WC: same
Project WC: 13981
Almost finished with: Push Comes to Shove by Maud Lavin
About to start: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum. 



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