it comes to this....1 hour 25 min....hurry up clock, go faster!

On a related note, my sister called me a dork for wanting to stay up to start Nano at Midnight...yeah...

okay, will update within an entry at midnight, now, must let everyone on facebook know of my injury.....
Yesterday, my mom came into my room and asked me to help her shovel the steps in the driveway. Now, I'm always really careful on the snow and the ice, and I haven't slipped in years, but as my mom told me I could stop, and I went back up to the house, I slipped and my knee cap just went with me. At first my mom thought that I had acutally broken my femur, but such was not the case as you could see my knee cap sticking out from under my skin. If i had not been in such excrusiating pain, I would have liked to get a picture of it. Anyway, we actually had to call 911, and they sent the fire truck.
Since my knee cap popped back into place just a minute after it popped out, the firemen and paramedics didn't have much to do, except check on me, and move me into the house (that's right, I was lying in the driveway for about a minute). So, my blood pressure was good (they took it again later and it was only a little higher), and because I could wiggle my toes and I didn;t pass out when the cap slipping occured, they declared me good, but advised I go to the hospital to get checked out anyway. So, Mom and I spent about an hour and a half in the hospital. I had no broken bones and I got a split that slips off of my leg no matter what I do.
My sister and I have decided that Hallowe'en is not a good holiday for me: six years ago, I hydroplaned why stepping off of a curb and face planted int the pavement. I broke a nerve in my mouth and had to have a tooth removed. so yeah, thanks halloween. at least this year I can eat candy though.


Sep. 14th, 2009 04:51 pm

So there are still 48 days (not including Nov 1) until National Novel Writing Month begins. I'm so anxious to just get going on this sucker--I've already ploted out my novel and I think the next thing I'm about to do is go into incredible detail just so I can pass the time and not actually start writing. I've also (get this) redone the sticky note outline on the edge of my computer moniter for what my daily word count should be.
Yes that's right, I'm that ready to go...and it isn't even OCTOBER YET! I feel sort of pathetic, but lucky, school is keeping me busy so I don't notice too much, except for on days like these when I have next to nothing to do....I really want NaNoWriMo to start....

I've decided that I'm over shooting my goal this year and trying for 60,000 words so that way, should I fail, I won't fall as far from the mark as I did last year (I only made it to 34K). Still proportionally, I would need to set my goal for about 73.5 K if I were to fall short around the same proportion, but oh well, that's all right.

On a side note, it's Monday so that means Linkara should have posted his new video by now (I think), so I'm going to go check that out, and hopefully, I'll blog soon.



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