So today was actually a really good day, some things withstanding. For starters, it was gorgeous out today, high of about seventy-five rolling through the campus on occasion (and that was your weather forecast, and now your local traffic update). But it was seriously beautiful out. At first I wore jeans and a dark tee-shirt, because I was trying to get into character for a monologue I would perform later that day. Anyway, I go to the library to do some reading and writing, because I usually have an hour to two hours (depending on when I get up and go to breakfast and stuff), before class, after breakfast, that I like to take either in the library or our visual arts center depending on the day, because of which is closest to my first class. Since my first class is in the theatre on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually go to the library. So I'm in the library and my phone goes off reminding me that I have a meeting with my creative writing teacher to discuss writing and class and all that good stuff.
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Yes, what it says on the tin, my attempt at another RPM fic. Hope you enjoy

How To Loose Your Virginity With Dillon part 1 )

Piece WC: 2044
3/23/11 WC: 4005
Project WC: 51285
Still Reading: Girl Power by Hillary Carlip 
 As of yet untitled and inspired by Florence + the Machine

A Girl Named Genesis )
Piece WC: 1256
3/20/11: 2098
Project WC: 45280
Still Reading: Girl Power


Mar. 5th, 2011 07:11 pm
Today was rainy, and it gave me a headache, so no homework was accomplished. Somewhere around two, I got this idea and it ran away with me. And it's still not done yet. See piece word count. 

Experiment )

Piece WC: 4202
3/5/11 WC: same
Project WC: 13981
Almost finished with: Push Comes to Shove by Maud Lavin
About to start: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum. 



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