So, I'm excited for this year. I feel that I am in an environment that will really help me progress and write my novel (espeacially since there are thirty other girls that I knopw of, doing the same thing as me, in the same space with Write-Ins and we're planning an all nighter in the library later this month). Not to mention if I win this year, I'm dying my hair blue. No, really, if there are fifty thousand words in my single word document by the end of November 30, my hair will be blue by the end of December 4.

So that will keep me motivated not only because I want to dye my hair blue, but because my friends really want to see me with blue hair, so they will motivate me to go write. I am also increadily excited about the kick off we are doing at my college in 54 minutes. I am surround by girls in Halloween costumes (there is a Ravenclaw student, Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series, a lab rat, and two Rocky Horror groupies. I was Death from the Sandman Chronicles, BTdubs. Also: I would show you pictures, but I do not have my cable right now. Will post them later.) I am just so freaking excited I can feel the energy running through me. I just want it to be midnight already!!

So, Plot: Second book of my Zephaniah Grover series (will probably be a trilogy, but I would hate to pull a CP) and...I don't even think I can describe right now, i'm just too pumped. I'll talk about that later. Maybe when i post pictures. Or maybe I'll just post an excerpt. Yeah. See you when.

Next Time: Possible excert, definate pictures
So, I finished my NaNoWriMo novel...the plot that is. As it turns out, I way underestimated my exposition, and so i only sit at 29450, rather than the 50000. so now I have to go back and add onto some sections and maybe majorly revise a few things to get the words I need. I suppose it's good because I get to add a little extra substance that I get to revise in december. I guess I'll just have to follow the NaNo code: that is, write. After all, if I just keep writing what I need to over the next few days, I'll get to where I need to bed. So yeah, any thoughts?
okay, counting down, must go start musical know what they say, one minute goes fast.
it comes to this....1 hour 25 min....hurry up clock, go faster!

On a related note, my sister called me a dork for wanting to stay up to start Nano at Midnight...yeah...

okay, will update within an entry at midnight, now, must let everyone on facebook know of my injury.....


Sep. 14th, 2009 04:51 pm

So there are still 48 days (not including Nov 1) until National Novel Writing Month begins. I'm so anxious to just get going on this sucker--I've already ploted out my novel and I think the next thing I'm about to do is go into incredible detail just so I can pass the time and not actually start writing. I've also (get this) redone the sticky note outline on the edge of my computer moniter for what my daily word count should be.
Yes that's right, I'm that ready to go...and it isn't even OCTOBER YET! I feel sort of pathetic, but lucky, school is keeping me busy so I don't notice too much, except for on days like these when I have next to nothing to do....I really want NaNoWriMo to start....

I've decided that I'm over shooting my goal this year and trying for 60,000 words so that way, should I fail, I won't fall as far from the mark as I did last year (I only made it to 34K). Still proportionally, I would need to set my goal for about 73.5 K if I were to fall short around the same proportion, but oh well, that's all right.

On a side note, it's Monday so that means Linkara should have posted his new video by now (I think), so I'm going to go check that out, and hopefully, I'll blog soon.



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