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 Today was exceeding difficult to write for. I dunno, maybe it was the double doctor's appointments that had me down, but I really can't say. In any case, that's why everything is so choppy, and there are only beginnings and lots of tellings. OH! And I started a new blog and was so desperate that I had to include that in my word count. 

Link to Blog: 

It's a blog about writing, as if there were not enough  of those in the world. But it's also a blog about me writing, so I guess that's okay. 

Also, Story Idea Number One, which came from watching too many episodes of criminal minds, instead of doing my writing: 

The story of a young girl who's mother is murdered, so she tries to go through the legal way of revenge. )

As such, she trains herself to do grueling work, works hard to get into college early to get a double degree in criminal justice and psychology and wants to join the FBI (but can't until she's eighteen). So, one late while watching the news, she spots a murder that is similar to her mother's and starts really looking into the case. She get's caught looking at the murder sight by the members of the FBI and gets taken in and has to explain herself. Might just turn it into a Criminal Minds fanfic.

This next one is totally different, but since I couldn't keep focus, it's like two sentences long without the quote at the top. 

And this is about a girl who gets bullied a lot because she's strange and believes in magic, but one day actually finds fairies and things to be real, and discovers that she can do magic as well.  )Yeah...this one is a little more original than the last, and I think I couldn't concentrate very well on it because of the criminal minds thing. I might look into actually writing on this later. 
After that I took a break and got my reading for the night done, and got inspired by the book I read, so this next one
about a girl who travels in time and space and learns magic from three witchy sisters. )
 And that was my writing for the day, very....vague and without focus and I just don't know what it was about yesterday that had me so scared off from writing. Maybe it was because with the opening of the Smithy, I committed to start writing only fiction for LJ.... Maybe it was just an off day. Ah, well, who knows. Anyway, I'm signing off, now. 
 so...doing a little bit of universe planning, and I thought I would let you read the results, because I think it might be a little to chaotic to convert to to the computer (for now). so, I took pictures. 

these are kinda i think i'll stop at two, and maybe upload more later....
 Ilianthene watched as the faerie kings and queens bartered with one another. They traded around their court members every century, and unfortunately for Ilianthene, that was now. Were she some high ranking faerie in the court of the Tylwyth Tag, she may not have been so worried. But she was a changeling. The priciest but most valued currency. And her queen was eying some of the Unseelie boys, and the Unseelie queen looked quite happy as she pointed to Ilianthene.

She slid off the rock on which she had perched and stalked away. Being a changeling was a double edged sword; she got away with almost anything she wanted to do in the court of the Tylwyth Tag, but when they grew bored with her, she would be thrown away. It was a miracle she had lasted sixteen years in the company of the queen as it was. A guard stopped her walk from the court exchange as she sought to go down by the river.

“You don’t want to go that way,” he said. “A dragon landed.”

A dragon. Well, that was interesting. Dragons and faeries, for the most part, left each other alone, as did many intelligent, immortal creatures. But in the world of shifting magic, not all beings such as dragons were immortal or even intelligent any more.

“I’ll only be a moment,” she said. “I just need to calm myself from the proceedings. I’ll return instantly.” One of the guards was Seelie, the other was Sidhe; they did not know her, and only frowned. “I can protect myself, even if I am a changeling.” She demonstrated some of her own magic, the very reason she lasted so long in the company of the queen, and both stepped aside.

“Don’t wander too far, mageling,” warned a guard. “And avoid the dragon as much as you can.”

“Of course,” she replied, slipping past them. She flicked her curly, black locks over her shoulder at him, and he winked at her. He would be truly angry when he found out that she could not be taken, the queen’s orders. Well, the Unseelie queen might have a different idea about that. She would just have to wait for the day to be done, and see what would be then. Ilianthene shrugged to no one but herself, as she walked down along the path toward the river.

She spotted the dragon resting on a hill just above the river. He curled in sleep and looked to be enjoying the sun’s rays as they poured over him, and so Ilianthene guessed it would be safe enough to go down to the river, and wash some of her sweat off her body, or simply spread out on the bank, and do as the dragon did, absorbing the sun’s rays. That seemed a lovely idea to her, and so she went down and did just that, settling into the cool earth near the bank and sprawling out. She closed her eyes and fell into a light sleep, onto to be awakened when a hot mist poured over her.

Ilianthene opened her eyes, and saw the dragon standing on the other edge of the bank, the river was not so wide, here, and he stepped into the water approaching her. There was something…odd, about this dragon, in that he appeared as the dragons of old, and did not seem to have such the wild temperament as the dragons of the new age did, but he did not speak as the dragons of old did. He drew closer to her, and she admitted that she grew closer to him, until they met on her side of the river.

“Well?” she asked him. “Speak if you can.” The dragon chuckled, though she only heard the human like rumble in her head, the way many dragons spoke, and heard a wheezing growl with her ears.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for one of yours to say that,” he told her.

“One of mine? A changeling, you mean?”

“No, a descendant of a man long ago from a place called Peverell,” the dragon said, climbing onto her bank, and sitting down on all four of his paws. “He was a proud man, and could hide from death. The wizards were growing in power then, making magic accessible to many. And he sought to curse the ancient dragons and turn them into a dumb race. Even dragon I breathed on would be struck dumb, and over time, many became violent. This would last until one of his decedents, in innocence, told me to speak.” He offered no thanks, and having lived with faeries for all the years she could remember, Ilianthene did not expect any.

“Fascinating,” she said. “So, the humans I came from, they were called Peverell?”

“No your line long ago turned into Potter,” he replied. “I watch you every few centuries. Imagine my surprise finding one among the faerie trades, as a changeling and a mage no less. Thankfully, you also had enough magic to make the command work. Unfortunately, I am now bound to you for lifting my curse. Your thrice damned ancestor knew what he was doing when he cursed me.”

“How long are you contracted for?” Everything in faerie time had its limits.

“Until you greet death with a smile,” he said. “If you don’t I move on to your son, or daughter, whichever you name your heir.”

“I’ll be sure to smile, then,” she replied. “Unfortunately, I am bound at the faerie court, probably the Unseelie at this point. You would not be welcome there.” The dragon huffed, smoke flying from his nostrils.

“Have you eaten their food?”

“I suppose I would have had to at some point,” she replied.

“Hmmm…it does make it more difficult. I suppose…everyone is currently part of no court until claimed by their new or old monarch, yes?” Ilianthene had never thought of it like that before.

“I suppose,” she replied.

“Then I bind you to me, as I am bound to you,” he said.

“YOU WICKED CREATURES!” the Unseelie queen screamed as she appeared in their wake. “I WANT HER, SHE SHOULD BE MINE!!”

“Negotiate faster next time,” the dragon replied. “She is mine and I am hers now.”

“You, girl, you will face death so many times, he will laugh in your face when he takes you,” the Unseelie queen spat at Ilianthene. The dragon merely laughed.

“No doubt, that was already in the works for her. Your threats hold no place here. Ilianthene, is it? Come, I believe we shall leave the faerie scorned. It should teach them for a century or two not to waist a changeling. Climb onto my back, child.” Ilianthene did so, and the dragon took flight and flew away.

He flew for miles over hills and moors, until, at last, they came to mountains, and the dragon landed inside of a cave. Inside, he allowed her off, only an old set of pillows, which she expected to be riddled with dust but were actually quite clean. The dragon settled down for another sleep. “When I wake, I will take you somewhere, where you can buy us clothing.”

“Us?” she asked.

“Child,” the dragon snorted. “You have much to learn. Sleep for now.”

The dragon woke her when the sun was new in the sky, and instructed her to dig through his horde for money. He said she would need a large number of the paper notes, as well as at least one hundred of a certain type of gold coin. When she had collected all she would need, Ilianthene climbed onto the dragon’s back and he flew them to a small town, but one that bustled with shops. He was able to hide in the countryside, while he sent her in to purchase clothing for herself, and for a man of certain dimensions.

Ilianthene thanked a few gods and the queen of the Tylwyth Tag when she walked into the town, because no one took great notice of her. It was a blessing, because her grey, gossamer gown stood out against the nicest of the human clothing. When she found a particular shop she liked, stepped in, found clothes that fit her in a number of different colors (a number of pairs, the dragon said it would be necessary), and dressed in a pair of blue trousers, a green chemise, and a green over shirt. She donned a long over jacket, grey in color and thanks to the queen of the Tylwyth Tag, and a pair of black boots. She paid for all of her purchases and then went and found a shop for men, and purchased a number of similar items for a man who the dragon had described.

She was hungry by then, and with the remaining money purchased a number of different pastries and some juice. The walk back to the dragon was no harder than the walk from him, though as she made all of the items weightless and bound together by magic.

The dragon rose up when he saw her returning, and suddenly, he was not quite a dragon…but shrinking. He shrunk down almost to Ilianthene’s height, and then began to grow more flesh colored, and then hair sprouted from his head, and fingers and toes replaced his claws. A man stood where the dragon had been. A naked man. Ilianthene had to examine him for a moment. He looked human enough if you avoided his eyes, which were as dark as coal, and his hair which was redder than any human’s could have been.

“Do I please you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, handing over the bags filled with men’s clothing. He dressed, and while he did, she ate the morning pastries.

“Save some for me,” he said. “Transforming always makes me hungry.”

“I did get a few meat pastries, just in case you were interested.” They shared the bottle of orange juice between them and when they finished breakfast, the dragon took her hand.

“Have you ever done transportation before?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “It was one of the queen’s favorite tricks.”

“Good, then I need you to transport us to a place called Diagon Alley,” he said, touching their heads together. She closed her eyes and received the images of the place, and how to get there, and where she might find it on a map. Ilianthene nodded, and squeezed his hand. A moment later, they were there. The dragon seemed to know what he was doing, and strode toward a building made completely of white stone.

They entered and the dragon pulled her off to the side.

“What are we doing?” she asked.

“Waiting, my precious changeling,” he said. “They will notice me, soon enough.” And he was not wrong. Several small creatures, seated at high desks—new goblins, Ilianthene recognized—began whispering to one another and pointing to the dragon and she. Finally, a troupe of the goblins dressed in armor approached them, and needed to do nothing more than to turn back around for the dragon to follow them.

They were seated in a room at a large polished table, where a goblin that appeared to be senior most waited for them.

“A creature like you should be dead,” the goblin said, barely after the dragon was seated.

“And creatures like you should not have started,” the dragon retorted. “Your ancestors in the wild of the faerie courts often sneer at you.”

“Why have you come?” asked the goblin.

“For this girl,” said the dragon. “She is of the clan Potter, once called Peverell. I require a blood test for her to see all that she owns.” The dragon slipped his hand into her pocket, grasping the coin purse and slid it down the table at the goblin. “Seventy-five of your coins which have not been seen for many centuries. I think you’ll find it an agreeable sum to do such a simple procedure as this.”
 "Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!"

"Dude," Artemis stopped in the middle of the dance floor and turned to Conner. "Did we just get Rick-rolled?"

"Just accept the offer, Artemis," he replied.

"Heeey," said a darker skinned boy, running his hands through his brown hair. "You mind if I cut in hombre?"

"What do you think?" Conner asked.

"I think you better introduce yourself," Artemis replied, sizing him up like a piece of meat. The kid just grinned.

"Leo Valdez, much gusto encantado, chika."

"Oh yeah, we can dance."

Roy did not know what to think of the perky blonde who approached them and directed her attention toward Kaldur.

"Hi! I'm Tori. We're having a water bending contest and I was wondering if you wanted to join us?" she asked.

"Water bending?" Kaldur asked. "is that not only on television?"

"We're just borrowing the phrase," Tori replied. "But you know, chanelling the water into shapes and seeing who can be the most creative and all that. Percy and I really needed more competators."

"It is more like a spar, yes?" Kaldur asked.

"Yep, we're just doing it to show off a little."

"Very well, then. I am game." Roy stood paused in his spot as they two walked off, before he bounded after them.

"Oh, I have got to see this."

The doors fly open, and a man in a hockey mask screams,

"Artemis!" Artemis pales and shoves Leo away from her.

"Dude!" Sportsmaster turns to see Kevin's metal fist flying toward his face. Sportsmaster is on the ground in seconds. Still metal, Kevin leans in to check the guy's pulse. "Not smart to figt a guy who can be completely adamantium." The metal shrinks back into his skin, as a red hed approaches them and makes the man levitate.

"We've got security on the way, but I cast an extra tight sleeping spell just in case," he said. "Hey anybody know the appropriate government agency to call to get this guy taken down?"

"Probably the Justice League," Conner remarks.

"But Mage Opps would probably take him, or could at least direct him to the right area," Eureka added, already on her phone. "Hi Dad. A supervillian invaded the party. No we're all right. We just need someone to cart him off." She frowns into the phone before she presses it to her chest. "Anybody have contact in the Covert Special Opps?"

"I got it!" called a blonde dressed in red, also on his phone.

"So, out of curiosity, how did you make yourself all metal?" the red head asked Kevin.

"Part of my phisiology," Kevin explained. "I'm part osmosian. We absorb things. What kind of magic did you pull on that guy."

"Faerie magic," he replied with shrug. "I get it from my grandmother. She's a sidhe. Queen of the sidhe actually. Queen Titania." Kevin's eyes went wide.

"You're Alexander Xanatos?!" he exclaimed. "But you're short!"

"If I had a nickle," Alexander remarked whistfully.

"But you're rich!" Kevin retorted.

"No, my dad is rich. I have to earn my own way in the world. It keeps me from getting a big head. And please, call me Xander."

Conner's confused about what happened after that, because once they get Sportsmaster carted away, enough people have pushed and pulled that Xander and posse are getting up on stage to perform a song. Xander is all the way in the back on drums.

"What's up!" called a boy who sat down at the piano. "'Kay we don't have a band name or anything, but I'm Luc LeBeau, that's Nico Tesla on the bass, Jude Moon on the guitar, and of course Xander Xanatos on the drums!" Everyone cheered. "Okay, we're going to do like two songs. This first one, the first person who jumps up here gets to sing it, but it should be a song you all know. If not, you need to go listen to more classic rock. Who's a fan of Journey?"

Everyone is crowding in front of the stage at this point, and Kaldur shoves Roy toward the steps.

"You are a fan of the Journey!" Kaldur exclaims bullying Roy all the way to the steps.

"Do we have a taker?"

"Fine, just stop!" Roy hisses as he climbs onto stage. Everyone cheered as Roy stepped in front of the mic and Luc began the chords to "Don't Stop Believin'." the crowd went wild as all of them together began to sing with Roy. "Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anyyywhere. Just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit. He took the midnight train going anyyywhere."

By the second verse though, Roy was really working the mic, "Some will win. Some will loose. Some were born to sing the bluuuueess!!" Everyone bounces up and down and sings along and things just get a little crazy. Roy takes his bow and walks off stage, and Luc announces,

"If you don't know this next song, though I think you should, again you should go listen to classic rock."

Harmonizing together, the four of them sing out, "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" And they have to get a little louder over the cheers.

After the Noname Band performs, the DJ declares it disney hour, and most of Young Justice sits out while the organized musical numbers go on out on the floor, until "Tale as old as Time," comes on, and then they're all ready to slow dance. Even Dick has someone that his Mythomagic buddies hooked him up with, a blonde girl wearing radish earings.

"Hi." Conner looks up to see the guitarist from the NoName band. Up close, Conner can see that he's taller than him, and asian. "I'm Jude, you wanna dance?"

"Sure, I'm Conner." The take the floor, not wrapping their arms around each other as closely as they could. "So, you don't go to school here?"

"No," Jude said. "I go to school with Xan and them. And Xan's my foster brother. Now you say something?"

"Well, I live with my mom, technically my foster mom, Diana, and I do go to school here. I'm majoring in business and music with a side of theatre and maybe if I work up to it politics."

"Pretty classy," Jude agreed. "All right. Let's see, I'm Korean, and Scottish." He bit his lip, then said, "My mother is Queen Mab of sidhe. I do faerie magic."

"Wow, that's pretty cool."

"And you?" Jude asked.

"Well, I'm Greek and Kansian."


"Yes, as in from the state of Kansas." Jude smiled. "And I'm and amazon, the very first male of my kind. And if I get excited enough, I can fly."

"Mmm, so how might I get you excited Super Wonder?" conner ducks his head at the name that the papers had given him since the unveiling of his new outfit. He smiles back, though, because this is the place where secrets are meant to be kept. And Jude...Jude gives him a good feeling in his heart.

"You could kiss me," Conner volunteers. Jude smiled and leaned in to kiss him. Conner responded to the gentle touch on his lips, by pressing back and slowly floating a few inches off the floor. the touch down after only a few moments, so no one else notices. And Jude grinned at him,

"You wanna go do more of that somewhere?" Conner took his hand, and led the way.

They leave the party at midnight, and make it to Mt. Justice to crash about one. The mentors are all exceeding surprised when they are up with breakfast burritos in hand at seven o' clock.

"How was the party?" Black Canary asked.


"EPIC!" Dick and Wally exclaimed.

"Roy has an excellent kareoke voice," Artemis reported, making a little Roy flushed.

"And there was no booze?" Green Arrow inquired.

"Everything was as clean as Conner promised," Roy replied.

"But there were those there who had special abilities of their own," Kaldur replied. "I met several who had excellent control over water."

"There were also wizards, and the kids of the Greek pantheon," Robin reported.

"Ninjas, but not bad ninjas," Artemis said. "A lot of them were from California."

"It is a little crazy," Conner admitted.

"Speaking of crazy," Wally said, a grin forming on his face. "You disappeared during Disney hour. Where'd you go?"

"Umm..." Conner flushed and tried to think of an excuse.

"He snuck off with that guitar player," M'gann replied. "I watched them go."

"While you were necking with Ben 10?" Conner retorted, making M'gann go red.

"We weren't necking!" she protested. "We were talking... And at least I don't have any marks on me!"

"Ohmigosh!" Artemis exclaimed, attaching herself to Conner's neck, and pulling down his shirt to reveal a red and purple mark on his collar bone. "Conner's got a hickey!"

"Shut up!" he retorted pushing her away.

"Conner who is this boy, and where does he live?" Wonder Woman inquired.

"His name is Julian Moon," Robin replied before Conner could. "He's a native of New York, and is currently the ward of David Xanatos."

"Damn sneaking into that castle is going to be hard." But before anyone could protest, the Zeta Beam transporter came to life.

"Transporting S19, Xanatos, Transporting, b19, Moon."

"You aren't authorized to use that," Batman growled.

"Then put better security on it, Bruce, it didn't even take me five minutes," Xanatos replied as he walked into the main area, Jude trailing behind him. "Would one of you young heros care to explain the deplorable state of my son's neck?"

"David, isn't this taking it a little far?" Jude asked. "It's just a hickey."

"It's just a hickey now," Xanatos retorted. "The next thing we know you'll be coming home pregnant."

"You can do that?" Wally asked. "Dude!" Jude muttered something about not knowing for sure.

"Um, Mr. Xanatos, that was me," Conner said. David cursed in Greek, and muttered,

"I knew I should have brought the Krypotonite!" Wonder Woman raised an eye-brow at him and began speaking in rapid Greek to which David replied. They wandered off to more private quarters speaking as they went. Jude turned to Conner,

"What are they saying?"

"Basically? When we're old enough, we're getting married. Mr. Xanatos is already talking about pushing the laws through, though Mother wants to be more diplomatic."

"I'm going to have to face an entire island full of amazons to get you, aren't I?" Jude asked.

"Dude, your dad is David Xanatos, and your mom is Queen Mab," Conner replied.

"That does not compare to an island full of amazons," Jude retorted.

"It will if I get you pregnant."

"No babies 'till you're married!" Wonder Woman and Xanatos called in tandem.

OMAKE 5: No One Screws a Luthor
Batman frowned at the screen, and that was how Conner knew the test was positive. 
"So, I'm half human?" Conner asked. 
"It would appear that half your DNA does align with a human type," Batman said. Diana placed her hand on his shoulder and Superman--Clark--shifted a little closer. 
"Is there anyway of telling who the human donor is?" Superman asked. 
"It's no one in the League," Batman replied. 
"We have other samples in the database beside the League," Superman retorted. "You've already run them, and you know who Conner's human donor is." 
"Who is she Bruce?" Diana asked. Her nails dug into his shoulder, and Conner placed a hand on hers. 
"Who is he," Batman asked. All three of them gapped at him. "You aren't going to like it."
Conner had walked away when they were discussing the possibilities his future, and god, they were going to need to do a lot of tests on him now, because...
"Being a clone wasn't bad enough." And then he was at the transport bay. "Please send me down to Earth--Metropolis." Thankfully, the Martian Manhunter was not manning the controls, and Black Lightning frowns, but complies. 
"Do what you gotta do, kid. I'll send your parents after you when they get here." Conner nodds, and then he's in an alley in Metropolis. He rose into the sky, slowly, because he's only been able to really fly for so long, and grateful he wore his costume to Watchtower. He flew to Lexcorp, and landed on the roof. They must have sensed his coming, because Luthor's assistant Mercy is there. 
"I'd like to see him, please." Mercy did not say anything. She never did. But she nodded, and escourted him down the stair way, to the penthouse of the building, where Lex Luthor is waiting behind a desk.
"So, what brings the Super Wonder all the way down to see me? I like you're new costume by the way." Conner wished he could burn his new kevlar pants, his black tee, but not the red jacket, s-sheild seared on the back, and the golden laurels on the front. His mother had given him that, and nothing Lex Luthor said would take it from him.
"Did you know?" Conner's voiced scratched against his throat. 
"You'll have to be a little more specific," Lex replied. "I know a lot of things." 
"Did you know that I'm your son?" Luthor freezes where he sits, his face melting into a total blank. "Or partial genetic copy I should say, because that's probably how you think of me. I mean you're Lex Luthor, of course you knew." Conner ran his hands over his face praying to even god and goddess he knows that he will not cry in front of Lex Luthor. 
"What are you talking about?" Lex's voice resounded softly across the office. 
"Don't play dumb with me," Conner retorted. "We just ran the tests at Watchtower. We know all right? Superman's DNA was too unstable to clone on its own, they clones they kept..." Conner did not want to say how many lives Cadmus had taken in an effort to create him. "The clones kept regressing, destabilizing...dying. So they figured that a half human hybrid might stand a chance so they grew me." 
"I didn't know about this," Lex said. 
"You are the CEO and owner of Cadmus labs," Conner replied. "And you're a member of the light. Of course you knew about this. I don't know why I came here." He turned and stalked out, ignoring Lex's cries for him to wait, he makes it up to the roof where his mother, father and Batman are waiting for him. "I shouldn't have come I know," he said when the three of them opened their mouthes. "May I go see Julian, please?" 
Wonder Woman pulled him into a hug, and Superman rubbed soothing circles on his back, while Batman radioed watchtower to teleport him straight to New York on command. 
"Be safe my darling, and try to get back to the apartment tomorrow," Wonder Woman said, kissing his forehead. 
"I will." Superman wipped at his face, in a hennish sort of way, and Conner tried to remember when he got all of these people that cared about him. "Just so you know, he's claiming ignorance."
"We'll see about that," Superman replied. "Be safe, and have a good time with your boyfriend." Conner nodded, and then the Watchtower beamed up, then down in quick sucession. The New York sky was already lit with street lights; the test processing at Watchtower had taken a long time. Conner flew almost directly to Julian's, but stopped to help Spiderman wrap up with some of his villains just because he needed to hit something. 
"Thanks Wonderguy," Spidey said. 
"No prob," Conner replied, pulling out his Super Wonder voice. "Let me know if the Bugel gives you too much trouble. I'll get the Planet to run you some good press." The cheeks of Spidey's mask rise. 
"That's fine, but thanks for the offer. You ever need my help though, just put a giant spider in the sky, like your friend, the Bat." Conner gives a two finger salute and flew away toward the Eeyrie. He flew right up to the top, and lands on one of the battlements and jumps down to the area the Xanatos' use to barbecue and sun bathe. David is waiting for him. 
"We saw you on TV with Spiderman," he remarked. "Does you mother know your here?" 
"Yes," Conner replied a little too sharply. "Sorry," he said immeadiately. "It's been...a trying day." David nodded. 
"Come on in. You can stay with Julian tonight. I don't think I have to warn you what will happen if you do anything stupid. You look too exhausted to try." 
Okay, well, I found out that the contest that I was writing this for does not allow Sci-fi/ I might re-write it to take that part out or writes something else. 

Bayella Returns to Crescentville )
 So....I've started an adventure novel to turn it for this contest where I could win $ 1000 and prestige. I have to have it done by October, which hopefully should be too difficult. Here's the prologue.

Prologue )
 Sadly, at nearly forty-thousand words, that other one died. This is the revamp, which may be rewritten itself. 

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 OMAKE 4: It's (Not) My Party

One day at Mt. Justice, Conner asked,

"Oh yeah, my school is having a 'Hey Summer's Almost Over Party.' You guys want to come?"

It was on a day when the mentors were around to do some cross training, and before any of the Young Justice team could speak,

"Absolutely not," was what most of them said. Wonder Woman just kind of looked at him.

"The entire school is throwing the party?" she asked.

"Yeah," Conner said. "If you pay the optional student fee then you get an automatic ticket plus one. I've been saving up some money from allowence and gigs I've been playing, so I could get everyone else in too."

"I could pay for my own," Robin said.

"I can too. Oliver showers me with enough cash," Artemis replied.

"Young lady, I forbid you..." he short of fumed after that, apparently not feeling the need to finish his sentence.

"Look, we're clean kids," Conner said. "Our idea of a good time between the dancing is comparing Monet to Rosseau or what value modern music artists in academy, or if we really need the label of juvenal fiction. We're geeks, it's one of the reasons we go to that school. Besides we like our reputations for being able to party with out getting sloshed."

"I hate to break this to you kid, but the geeks are the worst party animals ever, especially when you put them in large groups," Oliver retorted.

"Unfortunately, I must agree with Green Arrow," said Batman.

"Well, hey they are speaking from experience," Robin snickered. "Come on, we would be taking Kaldur after all, he's the most responsible out of all of us. AND have you ever known us to be really irresponsible or what ever. Batman, you've lectured me like a millon times on the dangers of alcohal and stuff. Plus, I'm sure we could get back by a reasonable time. And all work and no play will eventually turn us into super villains."

"Yeah, c'mon Uncle Barry!" Wally begged. "We'll be good!"

"I still don't know," Barry said, voicing the tone of the group.

"We'll take Roy," Conner volunteered.

"Oh yeah!" Wally exclaimed. "Roy would make sure we didn't have any fun!"

"No fun, zero fun, sirs!" Robin added. The mentors looked at each other, gauging the other's reactions to an extra chaperon.

"Why am I here?" Roy asked.

"We needed you as our in," Conner said. "I wouldn't have been able to get everyone into the party otherwise. Plus, I'm fairly sure not everyone can fit into my car." Roy took one look at Conner's jeep and snorted.

"Yeah I doubt it. Fine. Is there going to be booze at this party?"

"No," Conner replied.

"You were not lying when speaking to our mentors?" Kaldur asked.

"Well, I might have exagerated the between dance talk a little," Conner said. "But yeah, I wasn't lying about the booze. Or any other drugs for that matter. Anyone found with anything is kicked out, and usually driven home by one of the chaperons."

"And there are chaperons?" Wally asked. "Dude, what kind of party are you taking us to." Conner grinned.

"You'll see. Artemis, M'gann why don't you ride with me."

"Okay!" M'gann chirped.

"Shot gun!" Artemis declared. "Conner give me your iPod, I'm de-jaying the next half-hour ride." M'gann happily took the back seat, chatting as Artemis cranked the tunes.

What they arrived at a half hour later looked like, and probably was something combined with an abadoned factory and an old stadium way out side of the city. The parking lot was packed though, which told them that they were probably in the right place.

"Conner, where are we?" Robin asked.

"Don't worry, it's completely safe," Conner said as they walked up to the doors.

"It looks like the roof caved it," Roy commented.

"Don't be silly," Conner told him with a wave. "They demolished the roof. And put in glass plates so that we could still see the stars when it rains. I'm told that when there's a wicked lightning storm in the forecast, some people actually rush over here to watch it like fire works. Hi!" They had arrived at a box office sort of thing inside the entry way. "Prince plus one and then five extra tickets please."

"Sure thing," replied the girl, working the booth. She printed seven tickets and exchanged them with Conner for cash. "Hand'em to the takers inside and them you'll get lanyards if you need to leave for whatever reason. Keep them on, and remember your number."

In side with the ticket takers (who were set up at computerized stations, and printing lanyards for the people who came in), everyone had to give information at different stations--even Roy and Kaldur who were eighteen--in case their parents or legal gaurdians came looking for them, since only official chaperons were allowed inside.

"This party had better be something," Artemis growled to Conner, who shrugged.

"Oh it is," said one of the ticket takers. "Don't you worry, it totally is."

And by jove they were right.

Most everything inside the actual party center was lit with colored light, mostly in the cooler shades. There were arcade games scattered about, what looked to be a full bar--serving non-alcoholic drinks of course-- random tables of food, an entire upper floor that looked down on the lower floor, a lower floor that looked up on the upper floor, couches, bean bags and any kind of chair imaginable, and the walls were painted with huge murals, over laping each other, almost no space was left blank. Oh, and there was a huge dance floor with pretty danceable music.

"Hey, let's clear the entry way," Conner said, pulling them all further in while simulatneously texting.

"Who are you talking to?" Robin asked.

"Eureka," Conner replied. "She asked me to let her know when I got here."

"Gee, and I thought you were gay!" Roy called back.

"Ha, ha, Kaldur, please control him," Conner retorted.

"Conner!" The team turned to see a brown haired girl bounding toward them. She launched herself at Conner, giving him a bear hug. "I'm so glad Diana let you come, seeing as this is the only one you'll probably be able to go to. Oh, and guess what? I brought the Bellwood gang, and I think I've seen Xander Xanatos and his posse crawling around the place."

"Guys, this is Eureka Jones," Conner said with a smile. "Eureka, this is Megan, Artemis, Robin, Wally, Kaldur'ahm and Roy."

"Hi nice to meet you guys." She turned and whistled at a small group of people who saw them and made their way over. "This is Kevin, Ben, Gwen and Cooper. Guys--"

"They have nametags, Jones, we can figure it out," said the one called Kevin. He reached out to ruffle her hair, but Eureka dodged, presumably not to mess up her neatly arranged style.

"Lay off," she told him. "You'll get product on your hands anyway. Anyway, you guys make yourselves at home. As long as you don't act too werid no one will question your being here."

"Did you say that Alexander Xanatos is here?" Roy asked.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't go getting suspicious," Eureka said. "He's a good guy, and even loaned us some of the systems to check people in. He also recommended a really good DJ. So you know, none of that kind of business tonight. Xander fights on the side of good and everything."

"She knows who we are?" Roy hissed.

"Well, if she didn't now she does," Ben replied. "Don't worry, Eureka figures a lot of people out. She knew who I was, before it got spread all of over the news."

"Ohmigosh!" Megan exclaimed. "I knew it! You're Ben 10!"

"And you're Miss Martian, right?" Ben asked. "Wanna dance?"

"Sure!" she replied, almost floating with him onto the dance floor.

Everyone floats--figuratively--onto the dance floor eventually, going back and forth to enjoy the food and take a rest. During one point of rest, a red haired boy walks up to the group, more specifically to Roy, Wally and Gwen.

"Excuse me, but have the three of you thought of joining gawah?"

"Of joining what?" Gwen asks. He hands the three of them a flyer which spells out G.U.A.W. at the top.

"Gingers Unite Around the World," he said. "We're still a work in progress, but if you go online, you can decide if you want to join or not."

"So it's a club for red heads?" Wally asks.

"Yep...You all are geniune aren't you?" He shakes his head. "Never mind, we don't like ask you to drop your pants to prove it or anything. Anyway, hope you'll consider joining. Some of my friends are thinking of setting up rival groups, so I'm trying to increase membership."

"Do you have another?" Wally asks. "I think one of my friends will be so on top of this." The boy hands him another flyer which Wally stuffs down into his jeans, before he dashs off to go find M'gann, who is still dancing with Ben.

They're just standing around, when Conner groans.

"Eureka, we're being summoned," he said.

"Already?" she moaned. "I was kind of hoping they would forget."

"What do you guys have to do?" Cooper asked.

"You'll see," his girl friend muttered, as she stalked off with Conner. A minute later the DJ ordered for the dance floor to be cleared, and Adam Lambert's fever blares through the speakers, while a group--including Eureka and Conner--break into a combined dance.

"I had no idea we had a professional dance team at this school," Artemis jokes. "Wally are you--"

"Way ahead of you," Wally says holding up his camera to get a better shot.

"Have you guys seen Roy and Kaldur in a while?" M'gann asked. Everyone shrugged or shook his or her head. "I just don't mean to pry, but they have some of Kaldur's favorite food, and I wanted to find him, and I think it would be rude if I reached him telepathically." She looks from side to side. "Speaking of which, where is Robin."

"His in one of the corners playing something called Mythomagic with another incoming freshman," Conner replied. "If you're really worried, we can look for them for a little bit, but their both capable of handling themsselves."

"I know, I'm just being silly," M'gann says. "I'll keep looking for him though. I saved him a slice of the seaweed pizza."

A few minutes later, she running back to them.

"Guys guys guys!!!!" she exclaimed. "You'll never believe what I just saw."

"Flying whales?" Eureka guesses.

"NO! Roy and Kaldur are..." Megan lowered her voice, but still managed to squeel, "making out!"

There is an moment of blink before Young Justice runs with M'gann's directions to one of the lower floor lookouts, where they see Roy and Kaldur cuddled on a couch. They get caught when Wally started snapping pictures and have to run away from Roy's fierce aim with pillows.

Conner watchs a little confused as Wally flirts with a girl over rocket fuel.

"I'm telling you," he said. "That kind of compound would never make it into the thermosphere, let alone space."

"And I'm telling you that I've run prilimanary tests," she retorted. A blonde boy trotted up to them and tapped the girl on the shoulder,

"Maggie, have you seen Jasper? There's a mythomagic game going on in the corner and I don't think he would want to miss it."

"Oh, he was over by the fountain the last I saw. By the way, there was this cute blonde I talked to earlier who just got off the rebound. Go talk to her. Her name is Annabeth, she's yeah high and likes architecture." The blonde boy nodded and moved away from the conversation. Conner's beginnig to think that there might be groups stranger than his friends. He could be really grateful for this.


Jun. 16th, 2011 12:44 am
 Methinks this story is not so short anymore. 

part...8 )'s been a while since I've done a review and I have a lot to talk about. Onward

Title: The Last Olypian
Author: Rick Riordan
Summary: The final battle has arrived, and Percy Jackson and his friends must sacrifice much to defeat the Titan Lord Kronos, more than they had previously anticipated.

review +rating )

Title: Enchanted
Author: Orson Scott Card
Summary: Ivan was a normal Russian kid, until his parents decided to fake being Jewish so they could immigrate out of Soviet Russia. Right before they leave, Ivan comes across a woman on a pedistal in the woods, sleeping peacefully. Years later, when he returns, he manages to wake the sleeping beauty and start off on a completely different adventure.

review +rating )

Title: Hawksong
Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Summary: Danica Shardae desperately wants to end the war between her people, the hawkes and other bird kind, and the serpents. But she finds herself sacrificing her heart to do so.

review +rating )

Title: Graceling
Author: Kristin Cashore
Summary: Katsa is a graceling, who has been graced with the ability to kill, and subsiquently was controlled by her uncle for most of her life. Recently though, Katsa has sought to do much good with her Grace, but when she rescues the prince of another kingdom, a strange mystery begins to unravel. Katsa with fellow graceling and recently acquired friend, Po, begins to unravel the mystery while gaining new perspective on her grace and her own freedom.

review +rating )

Title: Geektastic
Author: Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci
Summary: A complilation of short stories by your favorite geeky authors centering around one theme: Geeks are awesome, and it's great to be yourself.

review +rating )

Title: The Lost Hero
Author: Rick Riordan
Summary: Percy Jackson is not back in this latest sequel and his friends are only in it for a hot second. Instead this book focuses on Jason, son of Jupiter, Piper, daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo, son of Hepheastus, as they jet off to save Hera and stop the giants from rising.

review +rating )
But...see for yourself:

The links are being dumb...but I assume everyone will be all right using the search engine. :)


Jun. 14th, 2011 11:31 pm
 So... I actually wrote just over 1900 words yesterday, and just thought it was a lot less. But, here's 4004 words anyway. 

part 7 )
For anyone actually reading my blog of stories: Yesterday, water was spilled on my laptop. Thus, I am laptop-less for a few days and I am writing this from the library. I will continue writing by hand and type it all up when I get my laptop up and running again. (Though, I was really tired yesterday from cleaing my room and being hivey, and...well, let's say not quite two thousand words got written. Don't worry! I plan to make it up today.) So, I shall see you soon, journal, though probably not soon enough.

All my love,
 Really, it's because another idea spawned off of this one that I wrote on and I'm also putting up tonight. I thought about why I humanized all of my characters and wanted to write something, where, for once, people were just evil and nasty. Can't decide how far I'm going to take that, so here's this for now. 

Tilting Eve's Arm part 16 )



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