Apr. 16th, 2011

 This hurt to write. Well, not literally, but the action was very difficult for me. Luckily I had a friend to help me brainstorm and I persevered. 

Walking aroung the city looking for crime took some getting used to. )
GRRR! (whiney voice) Why is writing soooo hard?!? Mah, I just want to scrap my story and through it to the winds, because it's not working for me right now. It might just be because I've never written this kind of action before, and it sucks, and I've only written like a thousand words, and I think I'll go back and try and round off the whole document to sevent thousand words (that should put me somewhere around fifteen hundred on that) and then come back here and complain a little bit before I read for the night.

Speaking of reading two things about the book I'm on now (also known as the Countess von Rudolphstadt): one is, I am really enjoying the style of prose it's written in. Possibly because it's a modern translation of a foreign piece, but it just flows really well for me, while still keeping a style of framming narration, which was fairly popular around the time in which it was written. Two is that I was having a conversation with my advisor yesterday about which classes I'm going to take in the fall, and I asked what he had been reading lately (we got to talking about books), and he mentioned he was reading a biography on George Eliot (also known as Mariane Evens) and he told me that Eliot liked the writings of George Sand. Guess who Countess von Rudolphstadt is by? And I just checked on wiki, and it's the same one (also, apparently, this is a sequel, which is explains this long summary of events I read last night).

Orchestra makes me grr something mighty as well, only more, since I am actually quite fed up with being in an orchestra (or specifically, the one I am in now). I won't go into too much detail, because I have already with my friends, but being there today pissed me off a little bit. It probably doesn't help that tomorrow or Monday, I'm probably going to do that Monthly thing girls do, but still. I'm quiting after this concert, and sending an email to my director saying so, because I don't want him to make me feel bad face to face. Because I usually like being a part of an orchestra, and I don't want it to make me feel grr...

I wrote more than I expected for my story (good thing!), so I think I'll sign off here.  



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